Nowhere in the world will all your senses be tested like they will be on this motorcycle adventure. As us bikers know, when you travel in a car you are in a compartment and what you see is just like seeing it on a TV. You’re just a passive observer and it’s all moving by you boringly frame by frame. On our tours on the classic Royal Enfield 500 Bullet, the frames are gone and you are in the scene. You’re not just watching anymore and that sense of presence is overwhelming.

India has so much diversity and every day your eyes will be opened to something new. From abject poverty to amazing wealth and everything in between, you will hear, see, smell, taste and experience it all. From bustling crowds in the capital, to the vast expanse of space as we cross the magnificent Himalaya mountain ranges. So much contrast on one tour it will still be sinking into your thoughts months later. Like many clients, you will probably want to do it again.

Apart from the overall experience of just being in this amazing part of the world, ( which would be enough for most people!!), we also show you some amazing sights and stay in some unique places like the houseboats on the Dal Lake in Srinigar, the capital of Kashmir.