Over the years we get emailed and asked many questions in regards to the tours, here are some of the more frequently asked from our customers. Remember no question is to silly so if there is anything else you might think of or want to ask then please email or call and we will gladly be of assistance.

Can Zenith Motorcycle Tours arrange travel insurance and airfares?

We get asked this question often. We can most certainly provide you with fully comprehensive travel insurance which includes the use of a motorcycle of unlimited capacity provided you are licensed to ride any sized motorcycle. Remember you do not have to use ours, but you will need insurance as we will not take an uninsured traveller on our tours.

Airfares we don’t do, you will have to arrange this with your own travel agent. However we have been working with our travel agent for years and she knows our tours and itineraries inside out and would be more than happy to assist you with flights or anything you may require like extra nights or stop overs anywhere. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with any needs. We are here to make things as easy as possible for you.

Do Zenith Motorcycle Tours provide Insurance if I damage the motorcycle?

Yes we provide insurance but you are responsible for the excess, which, depending on what motorcycle you choose, will roughly be between 1300-2500 Euros. There is other insurance available where you can lower the excess so again please ask if you want some information on this.

Do I need to be a good rider?

You need to be a competent rider. We cover anywhere between 150 to 300km a day so you should be comfortable with that amount of riding. Also some of the roads in the Himalayas are a challenge so you will need to make sure you are comfortable on some rougher surfaces.

What clothing should I bring?

You should bring clothing for different climates. Our tours go through various scenery from high mountain passes where it can be cooler to valleys that can be nice and warm. Also rain can occur at any time so pack some wet weather gear. We have lock top boxes on the motorcycles so you can store any extra items you need. We also send you an in depth information pack that is sent out about a month before we travel. That contains a lot of detail on what you will need as well as reminding you of all the documents and extras you will need like making sure you have told your bank you are travelling so they don't stop your cards overseas.

Do we ride together as a group or can we go at our own pace?

You most certainly can ride at your own pace. We want you to enjoy the trip as much as possible and stop and take pics or admire the scenery as much as you like. A popular dirt biking corner marking system is used when we need it and each day we have a tail end charlie rider who is the last in the group for that day. I will go through the corner marking system in more detail before the tours start on our first day but if you have done group rides before you may be familiar with how it works.

Will my phone work and can I get money out along the way?

Yes mobiles work just about everywhere we go. Also our hotels have wifi and most of them also have wifi in your room. We also ride past many ATMs during the day on our rides and if we are going somewhere more remote I will let you know beforehand so you can get any extra money out that you may need.

What do we do on rest days?

Depending on where we are there are a number of things you can do, or you can do nothing at all! Some places we stop at I will do an extra ride that day for anyone that wants to see a bit more of the scenery or ride a special stretch of road. On our Italy / Sardinia / Corsica tour we have a rest day in Florence where we have a tour of the city arranged for that day, however our May and September tours incorporate going to the Italian MotoGP so on that Sunday you have 3 options to choose from!!

Will I need a visa?

At the moment citizens of the EU, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and the USA do not need a visa for up to 90 days on our tour through Italy. If you are a resident of another country then get in touch and I can find out or you can get in touch with your embassy. For our India/Himalaya tour Visas need to be obtained prior to arrival at the moment cost $75 AUD. This information can change at any time so its best to check before travelling.

What are the hotels like that we stay in?

We choose only the best family run and boutique hotels to stay in, usually with a nice cold beer or drink waiting for us when we arrive after our days riding. We like for you to be well rested each night to make sure you enjoy every day of the riding. In the warmer months most of the places we stay at have a pool and a nice outdoor area to relax and take in the atmosphere. Buffet style breakfasts are served each morning. Before the tour you will be given the names and details of all the hotels we stay at so that you can leave those details with loved ones so they know where you are each day. We can arrange extra nights pre or post tour ,so again please get in touch if you want to arrange an extra night or two or more or if you have any other questions or special requests regarding accomodation.